Specialist Skills

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Glass Work

As oldschool as it gets. Acid chipped glass, gilded with 24 carat gold, enamel paint and frosted you won't ever see anything more beautiful. This is truly a lost art that not many people have knowledge of. Taught by the master Dave Smith we are privileged to carry these skills!

Grass Graphics

We paint grass for the Black Caps, Crusaders, All Blacks and blue chip corporates using a variety of colours which are non toxic and designed especially for application on grass. Our clients are now starting to request their logos at conferences and events!

Ghost Signs

Ghost signs are one of our favourite and iconic styles of hand painted signs. To make a new sign look 100 years old or more is quite a skill in itself let alone painting it by hand at a large scale! You can't walk past without admiring a perfectly executed ghost sign!

Air Brushing

Airbrushing is a great tool when it comes to textures, murals and highlights. Although it can be difficult, the final product will always look stunning. From vehicles to large walls airbrushing works!


Pinstriping is a classic art that many people never learn. Used to outline, embellish and add character to projects and trucks or just as an art piece. You name it, we can stripe it!


Our tutor all the way from the UK - we were taught by one of the best. This is a brilliant way to add flare and style to your project or truck. 

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